Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Health Care Speach 9-9-09

President Obama was stunning in his speech tonight on Health Care Reform. He stated emphatically that although the plan would cost 900 billion dollars, the deficit would not go up one penny. He didn't use the words read my lips, but the thought was implied. And he looked into the camera right at me and ensured me that if I didn't want to be a part of a government option, I would not have to change my insurance option. He said he understood the Republicans desire for reforming the legal system so that doctors would not endure frivolous law suites and push up health care costs. He said it with flare and confidence, and he believes every word of it.

However the CBO says it will cost 1.6 trillion. A closer read of the bill with the public option allows employers to pay an 8 percent penalty and dump their employees to fend for themselves. And the small study he is going to conduct on law suit abuse appears to be nothing more than a make believe effort to make it seem like he is going to try to get real tort reform.

So in a few years I could find my self in a country with an ever exploding federal deficit, having been forced into the public option against my will with a more expensive health care system than we have now.

He is often in error, but never in doubt.

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